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About Deviant Artist Kelso JohnstonFemale/United States Recent Activity
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SweeTart by punkduckdesign SweeTart :iconpunkduckdesign:punkduckdesign 0 0 Even the trees forgot... by punkduckdesign Even the trees forgot... :iconpunkduckdesign:punkduckdesign 0 0
ode to celly at homecoming
Glass turnips
On a shelf next to
Frosting pink flamingos
In the bubble world
Shiney blue
And goldfishes
Swim past my eyes
Spinning twirling never stop
Just keep moving
As we flow
So quickly
Time ticks strangely
Like a heartbeat
Too impatient to be deep
And the green umbrellas of the world
Provide shade for the dragons
Bunny slippers for
Each and every
Boy and girl
Woman and man
Drag queen and
Those not picky
Strange to the mind
But always the truthful
We are all just humans here
On this empty street corner
Where orange polkadots abound
:iconpunkduckdesign:punkduckdesign 1 1
Give me waffles -NOW- by punkduckdesign Give me waffles -NOW- :iconpunkduckdesign:punkduckdesign 0 0 Mikey by punkduckdesign Mikey :iconpunkduckdesign:punkduckdesign 0 1 Skullerfly ID by punkduckdesign Skullerfly ID :iconpunkduckdesign:punkduckdesign 0 0 Punkin-pie by punkduckdesign Punkin-pie :iconpunkduckdesign:punkduckdesign 0 0
My little Goth Boy
This is a song about
My little Goth boy
He makes me feel all tingly
When he gives me dead roses
We eat Count Chocula cereal
At midnight up in his attic
And at one we sneak down to the kitchen
To make our coffee
This is a song
For my little Goth boy
I knew I loved him
Since the first time he asked
To borrow my eyeliner
He's the one who
Paints my toenails black
And he promised to decorate my coffin
If he ever ran over me with his hearse
This is a song
About my little Goth boy
Your face may be pale
But I know your heart is full of blood
...I mean love!
You scare my parents
And you make my friends all scream
But I know  that you're the only one for me
This is a song
To my little Goth boy
He calls me in the middle of the night
Just so I can tell
That he still knows how to breathe
For my birthday
He bought me an armadillo
It was once alive
But I like him better stuffed
This is a song
For my little Goth boy
We hang out in cemeteries
And we only go out at night
His hair is black
:iconpunkduckdesign:punkduckdesign 1 6
The Morgue Ballroom Waltz
I ripped my heart out
Because it went nicely
On your silver platter
I stabbed it with your cutlery
To see if something nicer
Lurked within
To show our guests,
On display in this funhouse
We call our home
But all that was inside
Were half-baked feelings
Memories of love
I slit through all my old wounds
And I didn't feel a thing
Can you give me something new?
I think I want to feel again
I think I want to know
Just what it is to be jealous
I want this malice
I seem to remember spite
And a thing called joy
Envy ages ago fled
And took along with it misery
The butterflies from my stomach
Long since burned up in your light
In this night forge me a new heart
Give me back my blood
The old stuff is crusted and splattered everywhere
I want to feel it flow again
Burn the bloodstains
Off my party dress
And I'll put it on again
And you can tie on my dancing shoes
Take my hand, and turn up the phonograph
We'll be two corpses dancing
On the ashes of our friends
And our love, this trinity
Will set the
:iconpunkduckdesign:punkduckdesign 0 2
If Looks Could Kill
(Spoken word:)
  -If looks could kill
   I'd gladly die of you
   If only for
   The passion in your gaze-
Let me see your fangs
And drink away my lies
But I promise
You'll only miss me for tonight
The midnight sun
Can't burn away your tears
Take me to the sky
Forget me if I die
And when you bury me
Don't do it with your life.
And if looks could really kill,
I'd gladly write my will.
I'd lay down in my grave.
Only for you.
Your moonlit eyes
Shine aluminum foil bright
As you whisper silk soft in my ear:
Your secrets die tonight
Take up the gun of truth
And shoot me through the heart
And don't stop if I cry
'Cos I need this more than you know
A solid bullet through my chest.
My whispers become so sincere.
I'll speak my love with my last breath.
Please stay with me as
I bleed this warmth
I couldn't give to you
Into the frozen ground
Take me to the sky
Forget me while I die
And when you bury me
Please leave out your life.
And looks can
:iconpunkduckdesign:punkduckdesign 1 2
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Kelso Johnston
United States
Current Residence: Lynden, WA
Favourite genre of music: Rock/alternative/whatever
Favourite style of art: Poetic, raw, beautiful, expressive.
Operating System: Windows XP
Skin of choice: Pale, maybe freckled.
Favourite cartoon character: The Breakfast Monkey <3 ...Weird little dood...
Personal Quote: Don't try to fix what isn't broken. (I don't know who said it first, but it's my personal motto.)
I attacked myself with eyeliner and makeup and such and then took some pictures, but alas, my stupid computer decided to forget that it does indoodly have a memory card slot. +sigh+ I'll get them to you soon! <3


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EllieMae Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2005
erm...hi :wave:
MidnightTea7 Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2005  Professional General Artist
Thankf for fav :aww: :hug:
punkgoddess Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2005  Student Photographer
i don't know where lynden is but are you by chance going to the dev meet?
LeaveAMessage09 Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2005
BOO! i know it's like, six a.m where you are, but you're crazy and you'd probably be up at this time. Still. However, I know your computer is getting de-virused and you probably won't get this until like, next week but i'm bored so I'm going to leave it anyway <3. Yes. I'm at school. And........ I. Just finished listening to Astrozombies. So i'm really hyper. In french. Mhm. My foot has gone numb aaannd...

I miss you?


I <3 you?


And my coffee is getting cold </3

I'mma go drink it <3

<3 you

Bai <3

prushim Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2005   Artist
You have some very clever lines in your songs, I particularly like "your eyes illuminum foil bright." Thatīs pure gold!
I appreciate that you write about things you know.
mel-mel-hawkins Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2005
keep up the koooool work :)
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